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Do it, please do it.
I dont really care anymore.
It's the same,
Being here or there,
There's no difference anymore.
I had to force myself to close my eyes.
I couldn't bear it anymore.
Uderneath this shell of steel,
That kept sending air full of despair,
Like a gun with no bullets.
Deep inside,
I knew that everything around me was wrong.
The world around me was rotten.
Food, people, love,
Even I was a little rotten myself.
I couldn't help but look.
It hurted me so much,
Watching our whole society fall into pitch black.
All I could do was to defend my thoughts and beliefs.
But I dont know if I didn't see it,
Or I didn't really wanted to see it.
As soon as I stood up,
The world around me began to take me down,
Little by little.
And even though
I tried to keep my head up,
I just couldn't hold on anymore.
I broke.
Pieces of me,
Scattered all around a rotten hole.
I couldn't help but cry.
It was useless,
I felt useless.
It was so dark,
I felt I was blind,
So I decided to
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Tales of Squeals by WhiteMockingjay99 Tales of Squeals :iconwhitemockingjay99:WhiteMockingjay99 1 0
Through Hell's Door - Part 6 *Nightmare

     Stop. Please, stop.

"Stop complainig Daniel! We are just playing!"
I don't like this game!
"We told you we were going to play 'Gods and Demons'. We are too many Gods and too many Demons, so you should be the sinner. Accept your punisment!"

No, please. Stop kicking me. I don't want to lay in the floor anymore! It's too cold and dusty! What did I make to deserve this?

Who are you?
Someone that's not important, Daniel.
How do you know my name?
Does it hurts?
Your body. You received a lot of punches back there.
Now that you mention it, it doesn't hurts at all. But, how?
You're strong, Daniel.
That's-that's not true! I'm not strong! I'm weak! It was you! You stopped them!
It seems that you are clever too.
Stop saying lies! I'm not strong, neither clever! I'm weak and dumb! That's why they always hit me, because I'm too weak
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Behind the Shadow, There's Only Darkness - Part 1
     The sky looked as if it was going to fall. Dark as the mouth of a wolf. Thick clouds covered the sky hiding the stars. Not even the moon showed one of it's beautiful faces. Wind blew hard making the branches crack. It was a blind night, nothing could be seen or heard, just the lightning that stroke in the forest near the village. The sound of the thunder could take your breath away, echoing in your haed making you tremble.
"What a wonderful night!", said the Professor with enthusiasm. For him, the night was perfect. Dark, with lightning and wind, 'An spectacle of nature...' he said to himself. Luckily there was no rain, he hated rain, water falling fom the sky, being victim of an unanimated oject, illogical and pathetic. Lightining was another thing, full of energy and power, destroying everything it touches. Magnificent. And what a better way to enjoy its brightness than with a pitch black sky.
"It's a signal that tonight it's the night!", said the Professor. He Pr
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Oct. 11- For Everybody Out There, Please Survive
     The zombies came quick to the city of Guntfold, it happened so fast I didn't see them coming.
It was just a matter of time before they closed the school. I missed the bus again, my sister hid my homework on her room, so I spent all my morning searching for my notebook. All I could think about was if she wasn't really adopted, sometimes I doubted, I still do. As I ran through the sidewalk I pulled my jeans upwards and tried to tie them to my body with the belt. I remember my stomach growled. As a result of my sister's "little joke" I didn't get breakfast. My backpack was entirely open and I didn't notice, all my books fell to the ground and I had to stop. Time was running out for me and when I thought that it couldn't get worse, I finally got to school.
Even from far away I could see the doors closed. I ran as fast as I could, hoping it wasn't too late. When I arrived the doors were closed. I knocked and shouted for somebody to open me, but no one answered. I th
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Through Hell's Door - Part 5
     I struggled to keep asleep. I didn't want to woke up. I knew that if I wake up there would be a nightmare waiting outside. But no matter how hard I tried, I felt how I was slowly getting to the end of my sleep. What finally woke me up was a voice, a voice that I had never heard before. 
"Hey! Hey, wake up! You lazy animal, wake up! We got to go!". The voice was from a man. It was kind of serious but at the same time with a friendly tone.
By now I was almost totally awake but I didn't want to open my eyes yet. I started to breath deeper. The air was incredibly light, compared the the places where I had been previously, espacially the mine. When I was alive and worked in the mine the air was so dirty and so heavy, it was hard to breath. Many of the workers died from lack of oxigen. Then another voice said:
"I think you'll have to carry him again." This voice sounded younger, less serious.
"You carry him! I'm sick of carrying that useless sack of bones! It seems h
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Together, The End.
Don't wake me up tomorrow
Set me free from this endless nightmare
I'm tired of crying 
Teardrops of sorrow
Lie to me and tell me you'll never leave
Tell me you'll always be with me
Lie to me and tell me it's just a dream
Tell me you'll believe in me
Close the door
Don't let it in
Come sit by my fire
And tell me your fears
We are the same 
We hate the light
We hide in shadows
And cover the scars
You take my hand
We're going fast 
You lie to me 
You said we'll fly
Now you hold me tight
We lost the path
Don't run away 
Just find the light
Don't cry my baby
We'll live forever
Don't let me go
We'll be together
I know you're lying
I know you don't care
I know you'll go 
And leave me to death
Don't wake me up tomorrow
Set me free from this endless nightmare
Grab my hands and tell me it's okay
Grab my hands and tell me it's the end.
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Through Hell's Door - Part 3

I opened my eyes and the light wasn't there anymore. I appeared in another place, wich looked familiar in one way, but I didn't remember why. It was a small room, its walls were painted in white and there was a window on one side. In the center of the room, there was a bed and beside was a crib. There was someone lying on the bed covered with a white blanket. Suddenly there was a cry. 
For a while I didn't know where it came from, then I realized it was from the crib. I tried to get closer but something stopped me, like a wall. Then a I felt as if something passed through my body. For a moment I felt dizzy and lost my balance, I thought I was going to fall to the ground so I leaned on a wall.
Suddenly two women came from behind. They had walked through my body as if I was a ghost. I tried to yell at them but they didn't listened to me. I was invisible for them.
The women were dressed in white and they had a little hat on their heads with a red cross
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Through Hell's Door - Part 4
     As my hand approached to her a shiver runned down my body. A cold breeze slammed my face. I didn't even touched Lumen's hand when suddenly the sensation of a blizzard filled my body. I looked around without removing my hand. There was no blizzards anywhere.
"What's happening?", I said looking at Lumen. She didn't seemed to feel it.
"You see Daniel, there's a line between your human part and your demon part...", she said very calmly, I think I even saw a smile in her face.
"What does that mean?"
"The line is a kind of protection barrier from your human part to your demon part, Daniel, you need to cross that line, you need to grab my hand."
She made it sound easy. The wind was pulling me opposite from where I needed to go making me step back. The cold froze my muscles and bones making it hard to move. It seemed impossible. 
"Concentrate, Daniel. This is your current emotional state, you need to calm down.", said Lumen.
She was right. In that moment I was thinking
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Through Hell's Door - Part 2
     Darkness. Wherever I saw, darkness. I tried to remember what was I doing there. It was quite confusing, all my thoughts and memories were blurry and mixed up. A wave of fear hit me, paralyzing from my hip to my head and leaving my legs shaking, making me fall into my knees and then into the ground. It was cold down there on the floor. I tried to remember something, anything, but something. A white dot formed in my mind. The dot made itself bigger until I could saw what it seemed like a door. A white door.
Suddenly I stood up and started to run forward, well, what I thought it was forward. I didn't know where I was going, I was just running, as if someone else had take control of my body. After some time my legs started to hurt, my eyes were tired of the dark and I was desesperated to know where I was going. I wanted to stop, I wanted to clear my thoughts and I wanted to see some light... Light! That's what I wanted! Suddenly I crashed into something hard and flat. I
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Through Hell's Door - Part 1
     I was sitting on my bed, trying to see through the dirty, little window in the center of the room. It wasn't a big room, just big enough for my bed, and my closet. The sun just started to fall. As the it disappeared into the horizon, I tried to think of the good things on my life, on my achievements. There wasn't much to say, my father escaped when he heard that my mom was pregnant. Then my mom died when she was giving birth. I have no doubt that she loved me but she wasn't here with me.
I work on a mine since I had the age, before that I was a robber, I fooled people. Even if it wasn't the only way to live I couldn't help it. We took silver out of the mine. While we went deeper the more dangerous it became. The owners don't want to stop. They gave rooms to all the workers on a little building but now they pay us less. No one complains because they haven't got a place to go, the problem is that the food is getting more expensive.
Life is getting worse. People keep d
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Ying and Yang
If ying does not exist without the yang,
Evil does not exist without good,
White does not exist without black,
And vice versa.
If each one of us is a ying,
Or a yang,
We should have a perfect partner,
Someone you can not live without.
In the vast world,
There must be someone waiting for you,
As well as you would expect for him.
We don't need to worry,
Cause someone is waiting for us,
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Don't Leave Me
    What a sad day. Is not that something bad had happened, but the sky looked so sad. The weather felt strange, the wind was heavy, bringing worries. The sun was hardly seen between the gray clouds. But the weather wasn't important, well I tried to think it wasn't important. David was cominig tonight. I was going to make dinner for his birthday party, he wasnn't very happy with the idea of me cooking for him but I insisted. It's the less I can do for a friend like him.
I got home pretty soon, I think because I was just wandering around. I'm carrying two paper bags full of ingredients and fresh vegetables for dinner. It's pretty difficult to take out the keys from your pocket when you are carrying two bags in your arms full of things. Finally my hand  reached into my pocket,  I felt the cold metal of my keys in my fingers and suddenly the bags fell all into the sidewalk. I shouted.
Then I turned my back looking down to the mess. I bent down to pick up the i
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The True Reality
     Today I woke up seeing the ceiling of my room. I saw the cracks, as always. There were three main cracks with four little cracks on their sides. Then I saw my dog sleeping beside my bed. He was always sleeping, he was just awake to eat. Then I saw a tulip on my desk. It was from yesterday's excursion. It was so beautiful. It was my favourite type of flower. I got up from my bed to see if my parents were awake, they weren't. I understood, they had a birthday party last night. Then I went to my brother's room. I was sure he would be awake, he wasn't. Then, minutes later, I realized it was still 5 am. I could see the sun in the orizon getting up in his full glory.
     Four hours later everyone in my house opened their eyes. My dad went to work in a hurry, as always. My mom, my brother and I got hot cakes for breakfast. Then I got a bath and dress up myself. I took my dog for a walk. There were lots of clouds, but it was really sunny. A perfect day for s
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Going On
Going on
is not looking back
to see the stones
with wich we
:iconwhitemockingjay99:WhiteMockingjay99 0 0
What are we doing?
Hiding from the 
In our own 
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